Tuesday, December 1, 2009

11:04 AM

i just realised my last entry was few months ago! oh goodness. and one of my goal at the beginning of the year is to blog more. guess I’ve failed quite badly in this aspect.

anyways, exams are finally over! (: [sounds like the previous post?? that’s last semester!!] and the year is coming to an end! Just yesterday, I finally got a chance to slow down my life. I thought about what I’ve been through this year, and it might not be the most exciting year ever, but I think I’ve grow a lot, in my own perspective. (:

With all that I’ve gone through this year, I’ve learnt to trust God even more, in big or small situations. another level of faith! (: I’ve learnt to manage my life, time better this year, having a more balanced life; God, family, school, ministry, friendships. Most importantly, my love for God’s growing like never before! And I really love serving Him in big ways, small ways. doesn’t matter if there’s not leader positions, or any benefits that comes along with it. i JUST love doing things for my dearest!

and now that I’ve got the time, this holiday, I’m going to make things happen! breakthrough breakthrough breakthrough during this last month of the year! (:

I’m really excited about what’s coming up this dec! (: WOOHOOO!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

11:36 PM

wong see wan is back from exams! (:

had my last paper today, and the smell of freedom.. hmmm.. awesomeness!!

anyway, really enjoy half a day of not doing anything but just lazing around, and then went swimming with my daddy. =)


i met my ex-sec school teacher in the lift today. (ms phua)

she didn’t exactly teach me, but coz i was the student leader, so she knows me lah! =)

and and and, she went like “ are u seewan?” and i replied, “u remembered me? *lift brows!*” --- of cause!

hahaha. how could anyone forget seewan right? (:

i really love my name.. though it might not necessary sound great, but it’s an easy name to remember!

To the Chinese: “WASH BOWL”  well, could anyone forget someone with a name like mine? =P

To the non-Chinese: “C1” heard many different versions of it

the Koreans say that c1 is a kind of wine popular in Korea. (:

the Indonesians/Philippines: it’s the name of some famous juice there.



okay, exams officially ended! i can focus on my SOT already! =D

really excited for what’s ahead, and also the quality time i can spend with all my beloved friends! =)

simply love holidays!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

9:55 PM

it’s been ages since i last blogged and i believe nobody bothers to drop by anymore.
i’m having my linear algebra exam tmr morning, and here i am. trying to take a little breather. (:

okay, back to mugging.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

5:19 PM

  school’s getting better for me! (:

at least im more hardworking this semester!

  • i read my notes on the bus before lectures
  • i complete my tutorials before tutorial classes
  • i read textbooks after lectures for areas which im not clear about.

and and, i have friends for all my modules except 1 –but i will make more!

anyway, i saw mengching’s timetable, and it totally different from mine!

how i want my timetable to be like hers!!


Student's Time Table_Page_1

this is mine.. but i think i should totally get used to it.

i must stop giving the excuse that im busy im busy im busy…

that’s it! believe God will multiply my time! (:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

10:50 PM

after browsing through my thick LECTURE ONE notes… i know how much effort I need this semester!
Last semester’s level 1000 modules notes were 15+ pages thick.
this semester’s level 2000 modules notes are 30++ pages thick!
double the level, double the no. of pages.. HAHAH!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

5:17 PM

I went out with Jeannette yesterday to manicure and watched movie.
we watched Twilight (which is super outdated, i know), but it’s nice! (:
and manicure for cheap cheap $12! =D decided to pamper myself before school starts.
so Jeannette went China during the holidays and she bought be a notebook, and looks nice~!





This is the pretty book and with my next semester lecture notes behind it. I’m actually reading my notes before hand, for the first time!! (: determined to do well this semester!!!!





and here’s the book with my newly-manicured nails! DARK PURPLE!!! (:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

4:41 PM



I made these for my nus friends! (: They are the first few friends I’ve made in school and they are fun people! (:

BONG always provides FOOD for lectures. When I’m sleepy she’ll pull up a handful of lollipops from her ‘stash’ for me to choose! She also brought the Girl Guides cookies (which i love!!) and Hokkaido Chocolate for us! =D

JOANNA is kind of like the crazy one but the informative one. I’m always not too sure about the grades, when’s what test, which modules are easier, etc. She’ll inform us with the latest updates which we need to know. and with her around, I didn’t miss any important dates during my first semester! =D And not forgetting that she gives me morning call for my morning exams even if she’s not taking it!

JEANNETTE is actually from my JC, but we didn’t know each other then. Unfortunately, SRJC don’t really produce many university goers, and hence when we saw each other in nus, it immediately brought smiles to our faces to see people we know. and she’s my buddy as we take 3 modules together, and arrange to be in the same tutorial group. so, we’re like together most of the time.

There were other friends I met too, and they’re nice too! but these 3 are the closer ones.

Well, the first semester didn’t turn out well enough, academically. =x Didn’t know that time FLIES WITH THE SPEED OF LIGHT in nus. First, you thought u were a little lagging behind in tutorials, then came mid-term tests. And just when you thought you could pamper yourself a little with a short short break, Final Exams crept in. But nonetheless, I know it’s because I wasn’t prepared enough, and that I can’t blame anyone else except myself!

A new semester is starting and I’m determined to make this coming semester a MILLION times better than the first! (:

Can’t wait to start studying hard to glorify my King!!